Create a monster writing activity for preschool

Then, each time you read a book together, write the title on a strip of paper, and glue one end of the strip to the other end. Able to run faster than any animal. After reading the book tell the children that they are going to create their very own monsters.

I do not share this picture with the students. Most students want the face to be green as in the book, but it can be any color the student chooses. I created the monster play dough kits and the apple tree counting bags printable coming soon.

Logan really enjoyed stacking the blocks according to the card shown in the photo. Monsters Third Grade Educational Games for Kids School Edition was designed to create a warm, fun and relaxed platform for third-graders in their quest to understand the key concepts of Math and English.

Make a Monster Craft Preschool Children Will Love

For example, some of us are quite helpful, or friendly, or cheerful, or brave. Then allow the students to make a face using the ingredients in the cup. Keen pointed ears one brown bearlike claw ten feet tall Malicious grin muscular torso of a bull feet of a bear scaly complexion thick, lizard like forehead one green claw Nauseous green muscular legs needle sharp pale green fangs Head of demon mammoth arms Personality Vicious, demonic, bloodthirsty, coldhearted, terrifying, murderous cunning Actions and abilities Sneaks up on victims sucks their blood runs faster than a cougar.

We talk about types of adjectives that would have been helpful. Young children would dictate what they want printed. Have your students look through magazines for action pictures. One person will be the spokesperson After a few minutes each group is asked to share their pet with the rest of the class.

The activity can be adapted for other language disciplines as well. The writing template is shown on the right where the face represents the Earth. Zoo Theme The children would color and assemble the lion or hippopotamus writing templates.

This time around I included pom poms and a dry erase marker for parents to get in on the fun by writing down how many apples should be on the tree as kids place the corresponding number of pom poms on the mat. It lends itself well to group work. Next, I ask students to open to another page in their notebooks.

Have students paint paper plates green or purple.

Halloween Crafts, Activities, Games, and Printables

The children could print information about what they learned about ocean animals. Show the children how to glue the faces onto the white paper. I proceed with a description of my monster and have students draw while I share.

Long strips will create wider links, and a looser paper chain. The children could color the crayon their favorite color and print the color word on it.

The writing activity would be combined with a craft activity like the one displayed on the right. The children would print one or more sentences on the pet templates provided in the member's area and print what they learned about caring for  · Let’s Make Rain is a fun and easy activity to do with your weather unit that is great for early writing.

Rain Painting Craft: A Pre-writing Activity for Preschool Objective: Strengthen fine motor muscles and practice downward writing strokes with a Discover the best Children's Activity Books in Best Sellers.

Lesson to Celebrate Diversity: The Unity Necklace

Find the top most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. I love creating themed math to go with the letter we're learning!

22 All About Me Theme Ideas for Preschool (Free Printables)

We've been learning about the letter M this October, so a round-up of monster math games and activities seemed perfect. Browse through this list to find free math activities for kids from preschool through first grade!

Shape Monsters Crafts

1 - Counting, One-to-One Correspondence, Subitizing, Matching - Monster. · Inside: After reading the book Love Monster, we put together a fun preschool literacy activity that also involved simple counting.

Halloween Activity: Roll a Monster

The result was a cute love monster craft! We love tying our activities to favorite children’s books! When my co-teacher showed me her newest book called Love Monster The all about me theme is a great way to get to know everyone in the preschool classroom.

We like to start the school year with these ideas!

Create a monster writing activity for preschool
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