Dinosaur writing activities for first grade

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Give students small pictures of different dinosaurs to color and cut-out. Monday, April 16, Insect Activities in First Grade Insects are always a fun theme in spring, so this week we learned all about insect life cycles and butterflies.

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And if ALL of the above was not enough "choices" for writing ideas While my students were eating snack, my principal hid puzzle piece fossils all over our field.

Take students to the playground and have them draw with chalk the height of each dinosaur using measuring tape. It was a beautiful thing. On separate index cards write the names of the dinosaurs.

I would also have them bring up their personal word walls. I have had a sore throat since Wednesday but I wasn't sick. Be sure to click on each idea to see the original source and get additional information on making these landform lesson plans happen in your classroom.

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It really took teamwork to complete the puzzles. Guess what - you're a bad test taker because you don't know the material and cannot understand the concepts. They look like this: Now you can buy the bunch and save A LOT.

When you spin the wheel, the squares of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are formed, one at a time 0, 1, 4, 9, 15, 25, 36, 49, 64, 81,and My students are NOT organized with their binders. Unsubscribe at any time.

This year has been a nightmare.

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I created these beauties this past year and my kids went gaga over them. Dinosaur Basket - In this basket, place coloring sheets of dinosaurs which can be found in a 99 cent store. We got out to the field and I sat my students down and explained the expectations. There have been several teachers asking for my copy of the sight word chants and cheers at the last few conferences and I told them I lost the file.

I tell the kids that this is brainstorming time and this CAN include pictures sometimes those that have trouble writing 'cold turkey' should be aloud to draw first Create one stack for addition and one stack for subtraction. This one was great for partner play… Tic, Tac, Toe.

This center includes 50 cards like the one shown in the left. Have students match the pictures with the names. These were just word walls kept in a file folder that were different for every student. If the student has "writer's block" I tell them to take a light bulb moment.

Math Flashcards - Create math flashcards using dinosaur shapes. I was thrilled when I found this book: Simplify Your Teaching Join our community for tips, tricks, and resources to help you simplify your teaching.

Explain that paleontologists are scientists that study dinosaur bones. She then took those words and broke them down even further into 12 different lists each containing 20 words.

In this activity, the student or students will pick a PBJ sandwich from the sandwich container and color in one box under the appropriate column. There are 6 copies of all 10 sight words.

From that text, I pulled out 3 words I wanted my kids to learn. Day 4 On our last day of the unit, students were able to build their own bug.

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We then usually continue to write for about 10 more minutes and I do some writing conferences. Let the clay harden. We reviewed how fossils were formed and I told them that in each cup, hidden underneath the layers of earth chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookiesthey would each find a different dinosaur.

Although this project is appropriate for grades K–8, certain activities are geared toward more specific grade ranges. Dinosaur Times (Grades 3–8) In this interactive.

Following my students’ interests to DINOSAURS 1 May, 6 Comments. A Day In First Grade, Kindergarten, Kindergarten Science, Kindergarten Social Studies. Ideal for a fun kindergarten writing activity, but can be used for other grades as appropriate.

Grade Levels: Writing about dinosaurs will spur the imagination and get your students fired up about creative writing!

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Writing Prompt – Once Upon a Time There Was a. Free Educations Kids Related To: Dinosaur Worksheets For Preschool For Education (View All Dinosaur Worksheets For Preschool).

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Subject and Predicate Worksheets – First Grade Language Arts Worksheets Here is a set of three free subject and predicate worksheets for First Grade Language Arts students and teachers.

In the first worksheet, kids will have to circle the subject and underline the predicate. A Dinosaur Theme Classroom is a popular choice for educators looking to create a cohesive and creative learning environment. Here you will find Dinosaur classroom theme ideas and pictures to inspire teachers and homeschool families.

You will feel organized and have your learning spaces looking amazing in no time! Best of all it can be done on a budget.

Dinosaur writing activities for first grade
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Dinosaur Activities for Kids