Galaxy note 3 writing apps for students

10 best stylus apps and S Pen apps for Android

Free at Microsoft Evernote Evernote has been around longer than OneNote, but these days, OneNote matches it nearly feature for feature. There is also a syncing feature so you can go back and forth between devices. Charts can be easily created and modified by freehand drawing using S Pen or finger touch.

The iPad Pro and Surface Pro both have optional keyboard covers for easy typing. And if you like to be a little creative with your flashcards, the app lets you format text and use lists in your answers. Grammarly on Mac provides a really solid writing experience that helps you avoid errors.

It is a perfect option for drawing and note-taking. Top 5 features you need to know about If we missed any of the best note taking apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments. This multipurpose device can serve as a tablet or laptop, letting you take notes with a keyboard or a pen.

That makes it great for things like journals, diaries, research notes, story writing, and others. It uses a very colorful, Material Design-inspired interface that both looks great and is highly functional. You can easily take notes on the screen by handwriting. Every other thing comes secondary.

There are well over half a dozen subscription options. You can also view your performance stats and set goals. Your writing is automatically sent to your iOS or Android device, then transcribed to text.

Some Adobe apps may require an Adobe Creative Cloud for all of the features. It tries to focus on a no distraction experience. The downside, beyond the higher price, is that the only way to take notes is to type.

Google Keep can actually transcribe text that's in an image into typed text that you can then copy and paste or edit at will. This one uses a vertical card layout that is both easy to scroll through and easy to keep track of.

There are a few apps in the collection, including instructional apps for kids, pixel art, and and a general tutorial app. You can take handwritten notes that are searchable.

The Best Way to Take Notes

PAL also lets you share your flashcard decks with fellow students by sending a link. Easy chart allows you to create different types of charts and insert them into S Note. It's a perfect all round device especially for those who enjoy multimedia and gaming on the go.

These are all excellent apps for stylus and S Pen users. is one of those apps that makes the Galaxy Note 3 so awesome. It’s an online community for artists and people who just want to be inspired.

It’s an online community for artists and people who just want to be inspired. We round up the best S Pen apps for the Galaxy Note 4, Note 3 and the other phones and tablets in the Galaxy Note range. The S Pen, at its heart, is a drawing and writing tool, and some of the best apps are in this category.

Nov 10,  · Planning, writing, studying, organizing, and focusing is much easier on your computer with the right tools.

10 Best Galaxy Note Apps

Here are the best Mac apps for students. Plan Your Schedule, Assignments, and Homework Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Could Feature a Inch 4. The apps include a ton of tutorials, The apps range in price from $ and $ However, they don't have any in-app purchases or ads to otherwise bother you.

Be Creative With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Pen.Up

They all make for great stylus and. I have used a note taking app on the iPad for out the past 3 years (1 in college and 2 in High School).

10 best stylus apps and S Pen apps for Android

Notability has the option to draw or write using a stylus (or finger) anywhere on the page, type text into the page, highlight, add pictures, record lectures with video or only sound, import files, export files as PDFs, etc.

This hand-writing recognition app is a great way to get some real use out of the Galaxy Note 3's S-Pen, by ditching the keyboard and letting you write just like you would on a piece of real paper.

Galaxy note 3 writing apps for students
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